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Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society
Facebook Link Twitter Link Our healthcare and hospital services can be complex and confusing and Open Arms is dedicated to helping you get the answers you need. Our volunteers can provide support and assistance to you and your family if you want to make a patient complaint but don’t know where to start, you need an independent person to support you when speaking to medical professionals, or you need help in getting answers or in obtaining documentation.

We can provide free, confidential and compassionate advice to you and your family if you need help making a complaint or navigating through the health system to get the care you need or help with communication and difficulties with finding information and answers.

In Canada, 24,000 people die from incorrect medical diagnosis each year and Open Arms is committed to education, awareness and prevention. We have committed to working with the community stakeholders to optimize to the current healthcare system. Our goal is to help to create a healthcare system that focuses on patients, treats them with respect and humanity in a timely manner.

We are a group of concerned volunteers who share a common passion: to make a difference in health care.

To view a video presentation that outlines who we are and how we advocate, please go to video presentations.