Community Relations & Education

Any health-related experience, particularly a negative one that goes unaddressed, can have severe physical, emotional, social and mental consequences. Clients who have had a negative experience with the health care system are particularly vulnerable to these repercussions. At Open Arms, we seek to provide an outlet to alleviate some of the pain of these experiences. Through empathy, respect, and collaborative partnership with our clients, we work to bring them the peace of mind that only closure and resolution to their concerns can provide.

Open Arms encourages their clients to actively participate in self-advocacy while working to address their concerns. Our clients and advocates work together as a team. The end goal is to ensure clients feel empowered to take an active role in effectively managing their current and future health care outcomes, as well as confidently and respectfully communicating with health care professionals when they feel a concern or need has gone unmet.

Confidentiality and patient autonomy are of the utmost importance. We understand how critical it is to handle patient concerns discreetly and effectively. With our clients’ consent, Open Arms meets with all appropriate stakeholders and interested parties to share clients’ experiences and concerns, as we are passionate about providing valuable insight and feedback to Alberta Health Services regarding shortcomings, and areas for improvement within the health care system.

An example of our past successes came about after our founders, Rick and Rose Lundy and Joe and Linda O’Donoghue shared their personal experiences with Alberta Health Services and the public. As a result, Open Arms successfully ensured that private rooms are always available in hospital emergency rooms for women suffering a miscarriage.

Open Arms representatives are extensively trained to handle a wide range of health care concerns. Each of our advocates brings their own experience in a health-related background, and their unique, individual expertise contributes to the multi- and inter-disciplinarily of the organization as a whole. Open Arms representatives are available to provide insight and training to anyone who is interested in improving patient care. If you would like to find out more about our educational resources, please contact us at: