Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society is a non-for profit organization formed in 2007 after a tragedy exposed issues in the health service. The aftermath attracted the attention from the media and brought Rose Lundy and Linda O’Donoghue and their families together to form Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society to help others whom may have suffered similar issues but did not have an outlet for help.

Over the years the organization has grown to include committed volunteers with a diverse level of experience and expertise. We are dedicated to helping patients and their families obtain the answers to questions they may have following an adverse medical complaint or in navigating the healthcare system. We have been involved with a wide array of cases ranging from Emergency Room issues, women’s health, mental health, acute care, medical fatalities, and helping families needing support and providing them with the resources necessary to deal with these issues.

We meet with various stakeholders and interested parties as we are passionate about improving the quality of health care delivery and its accountability, and also in the lives of the clients we serve. Our experience has allowed us to develop informative presentations to medical staff and interested organizations; helping to raise awareness on the improvement of quality care and prevention by facilitating dialogue between patients and practitioners.