Advocacy Process

Open Arms Advocacy wants to help. We can assist by:

  • Helping you to navigate what can be a complicated healthcare system during a stressful time
  • Working with you to get answers and documentation, so you can get the care that you need
  • Acting as an independent party when you are speaking/meeting with healthcare professionals
  • Guiding you and your family through the process if you wish to make a patient complaint
  • Providing free, confidential and compassionate advice

The below information includes answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What duties will my advocate perform in order to assist me?

The following is a list of duties our advocates WILL perform in order to aid the client:

Advocates are persons who guide clients to achieve their desired medical goals. Advocates can only guide.

The more effort a client puts into their case, the more they will receive out of this process.

1) Guide clients in how to obtain any necessary medical records, information or documentation.
2) Scheduling permitted, attend important meetings with medical staff and Alberta Health Services, not every appointment.
3) Assist client in taking important notes as they apply to the goals of the case.
4) Guide the client in how to place complaints to the proper authorities and review the documentation.
5) Assist client in the writing of any needed correspondence as they relate to the case.
6) Facilitate communications with health care professionals and guide client in those communications.
7) Direct client to available resources, programs, and agencies that may aid in improving the clients health.
8) Assist client in acquiring transportation, if required.
9) Guide client through the media process, if warranted.