Angelica Martin

Acting Chair of the Board, Media Director

Angelica Martin began working with Open Arms as a Patient Advocate in January 2015, and has since transitioned to the Board, as Media Director. She is currently the acting Chair.

Angelica is a graduate of the University of Calgary’s Bachelor of Health Sciences program, with a concentration in Health and Society. She has published and collaborated on a number of articles, gaining great insight on the many challenges we face in the delivery and quality of healthcare in Canada, and remote communities. Since then, she has been passionate about improving access, timeliness and delivery of health services with an emphasis on learning from community-based research and the experiences of a wide variety of sources.

Angelica wants to work with Open Arms to create a strong doctor-patient relationship by empowering the community through health promotion and health self-advocacy. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, she encourages realistic solutions encompassing awareness and complete consideration of the various challenges to a particular aim. She engages patients in taking on an active role in managing their health, and educating them as responsible consumers of health-related information.