Dr. Fareed Kamar

Membership Director

A proud, active member since 2012, Fareed began his work with Open Arms in an open role during his time as a Biochemistry Honors student. Following his graduation and obtaining his Honors Degree, Fareed later became the Membership Director, and is currently a Resident Physician at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine.

In addition to managing and overseeing communication with our members and networks, Fareed offers medical expertise to the Board of Directors, as well as lending his unique perspective to patient advocacy. While providing insight into the various responsibilities and viewpoints of health care providers, Fareed emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnership with health care professionals to achieve meaningful outcomes for our clients.

As an Open Arms member, Fareed continues to sharpen his skills to enhance the delivery and quality of care to his patients, and to promote compassion as a cornerstone of medical education.