Getting Help

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We all want the best care possible for ourselves and our families. Although health care professionals and providers aim to provide good care, this does not always happen. Problems with people, processes, policies, systems and organizations can lead to poor care.

If you or your family have experienced or are experiencing problems with care, including; mistakes, inappropriate or inadequate care, lack of respect and poor communication, there are ways to get help and answers. Also by bringing concerns to the attention of the system you can help improve care for others.

If you wish to advocate yourself, an outline of who to contact and links to the websites of these groups is available on our Links and Resources page. This includes, Alberta Health Services, Protection of Persons in Care, the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the governing bodies of other health care professionals who have complaint processes which help patients and families with their concerns regarding health care or continuing care. You may also visit our Self Advocacy Tips.

How Open Arms Advocates Can Help
If you find this process confusing, intimidating, feel that you do not want to go through this alone, are not sure of what to do or what to ask, or have tried, but are not getting the help you want, Open Arms advocates can listen, help you though the process, work with you to determine what questions to ask, attend meetings with you and provide support.

To Be Connected with an Open Arms Advocate
Open Arms advocates are volunteers who care that patients and their families receive the care and help they need and deserve in the health system.

To connect with an advocate please complete our onlineĀ Intake form or contact To learn more about our Advocacy process please click here.

You can also mail your request to:
Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society
PO Box 16075
RPO Lower Mount Royal
Calgary, AB
T2T 1A0