Links and Resources

Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society is pleased to provide patients with a list of related organizations that may assist in bringing clarity to a medical situation. There are numerous agencies that can aid a patient in gaining knowledge and receiving support. Taking full advantage of these free agencies can be vital to the health of a patient. These organizations specialize in medical problems and can direct a patient to the proper support and treatment.

Helpful organizations and Contacts (Calgary Region)

Foothills Medical Centre
Main: 1-403-944-1110
Social Work Services: 1-403-944-1560 (support for patient, info for long-term care)
Brain Injury Rehabilitation clinic: 1-403-944-4500

Peter Lougheed Centre
Main: 1-403-943-4555
Social Work Services: 1-403-943-4700 (support for patient, info for long-term care)

Rockyview General Hospital
Main: 1-403-943-3000
Social Work Services: 1-403-943-3466 (support for patient, info for long-term care)

Association for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury
1-403-242-7116 (not long term advocate, severe 24hr rehabilitation, not for profit)

Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society (SABIS)
1-403-521-5212 (assigns Care giver, aids in rehabilitation, helps with housing, helps with AISH)

Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS)
CUPS provides help for the homeless as well as people with mental health issues. They can aid with AISH and financially for medications. CUPS also have their own physicians and psychologists

To learn more please visit CUPS or call 1-403-221-8797.