What We Do

We advocate for a wide array of patient issues from emergency room care, senior care, women’s health, mental health and acute care to medical fatalities. We help patients get a second opinion, find a physician, place a complaint or access medical documents. Open Arms also helps families of patients with guidance, support and resources to get the answers they require.

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How We Do It

Open Arms Advocacy wants to help.  We provide free, confidential and compassionate advice and guidance.

Clear the Confusion

We help you to navigate what can be a complicated health care system during a stressful time.

Get Answers

We work with you to get answers and documentation, so you can get the care you need.

Advocate For You

Act as an independent party when you are speaking/meeting with healthcare professionals

Provide Guidance

Guide you and your family through the process if you wish to make a patient complaint.

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— Mary Smith, patient and mom of two.

Get Help Today.

If you or your family have experienced or are experiencing problems with care, including; mistakes, inappropriate or inadequate care, lack of respect and poor communication,
we can get you the help and answers you need.

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