Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society (OA) is an unbiased organization providing free patient support services in Alberta.

We are a group of compassionate volunteers who share a common goal: achieving the best possible care for all patients.

As an independent, non-profit organization we work with Alberta Health Services and other healthcare organizations to seek the best possible care for patients.

One of the key ways we do this is by positively contributing to research and education initiatives to support improvements on the existing system. OA has participated in a number of seminars and studies, where we have provided valuable learnings and recommendations for a better overall system.

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We advocate for a wide array of patient issues from emergency room care, senior care, women’s health, mental health and acute care to medical fatalities.

Recognizing that each client has unique needs for their healthcare journey, we provide a range of services to support clients; from guidance on specific healthcare questions (i.e. obtaining records, filing a complaint or informing on services available) to providing goal oriented in-person support.

Our goal is to help patients advocate for themselves.

We look for opportunities to build positive relationships between healthcare professionals and their patients so that patients feel empowered to have productive and effective communications with healthcare professionals that result in the best possible outcome. Ultimately, we hope to equip patients with the ability to independently work with healthcare professionals but are also available to support if required.

Our Vision

We strive to inform and empower individuals seeking support with the ultimate goal of experiencing the best possible health care.

Our Mission

Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society provides free, impartial patient support and resources to Albertans through:

• Facilitating clear, productive communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

• Empowering patients to ultimately self-advocate by providing educational and informative resources.

• Providing patients with navigation of the healthcare system in order to achieve their health care goals.

• Assisting healthcare professionals to provide the best possible patient care and to continuously improve the patient experience through recommendations and the sharing of valuable learnings.

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