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Open Arms Patient Advocacy Society has helped many clients to be successful in their journeys. View our Case Studies below for examples of the different types of cases we have assisted with.


Below are some examples of the types of cases we have assisted with.

Advocating for improvement of patient care in Calgary emergency rooms

One of our advocates is a surviving spouse of an Alberta man who had received inadequate  care in multiple Calgary emergency rooms.  Living in a small town in Alberta, her husband was taken to a Calgary hospital after he fell and broke his hip. In the hospital, he was examined, diagnosed, given medication and was sent home without ensuring the patient’s spouse had enough support to help him around the house.

At home, suffering from intense pains, he once again fell as he was making his way to the bathroom. An ambulance was called and he was transported to another Calgary hospital where it was diagnosed that he broke his other hip. He was soon sent home without anything but pain medication. Dazed with pain medication, he fell again the next day and was taken by air ambulance from his home to another Calgary emergency room where he managed to fall from his bed in a restless state of pain, resulting to his death in the hospital.

As an advocate, the surviving spouse prepared a series of questions asking what could have been done better at every stage of this medical emergency from the first visit to the last.  After several months, she obtained apologies and promises to do better with broken hips at each emergency room in Calgary.

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